Compact Inks Multiple New Client Deals and Renewals in H1 2018

Having achieved a landmark year for collections in 2017,  Compact is pleased to announce that a number of new clients have selected us as their designated collection partner for their global AVSR collections.

The Ink Factory rose to immediate notoriety with their adaption of the John le Carré title ‘The Night Manager’ (featured) and ‘Hotel Artemis’, their first feature film, released in Summer 2018 featuring Jodie Foster. The Night Manager has won multiple awards across the board including Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy, BAFTA and features Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Debicki and has been transmitted around the world to international acclaim.

Other new AVSR clients include: The Global Asylum; HG Distribution; Film Seekers; Animaccord; EBAA Acquisitions; and, most recently, Content Partners. We have also added a number to our music publishing administrative service who benefit from our dual tracking and collections capability which is driven by our direct membership of societies.

In 2017 over 100 clients renewed their arrangements with Compact as we continue to listen, evolve and innovate and 2018 looks on course to be another great year.

VP and General Manager, Mark Rowland: “We are honoured that some of the most talented companies in the business choose us to represent their catalogues for AVSR rights. We are working tirelessly to unlock new markets and rights on behalf of their 280,000 titles as well as working with the existing boards and collection societies to maintain and protect fair remuneration for those rights holders who continually invest, innovate and create the content we all know and love. Our clients continue to be in first position for new collection opportunities and increasing revenues and we thank them for their continued trust and confidence.”

In the UK we have extended with, amongst others: Passion/Mentorn; Open University3DD; Attaboy; and Pathe and internationally: Medstar Television; Portfolio Entertainment; Motion Picture Corp. of America; Foxtel; Myriad Pictures; alongside long term client A&E Television Networks.

Much of the success of Compact is attributed to the investment in our Revenue Assurance and Data Analytics departments. Andy Harwood, VP Business Development, adds “This really speaks to the heart of the value add-equation – our current commitment to development in this area is nothing short of game changing and our clients get the benefits beneath the surface that drives comprehensively strong returns.”