Press Release: ole Announces Name Change to Anthem Entertainment

05 JUNE 2019 (TORONTO, ON) - Today, ole Media Management, one of the world’s leading independent music and entertainment content and services companies, announces the change of its name to Anthem Entertainment , effective immediately. Embracing some of the legacy of its past, the rebranding of ole reflects the evolution of the company and its vision for the future. Led by CEO Helen Murphy, Anthem Entertainment’s ownership, staff and offices will remain the same, as will all of the sub-brands - Cavendish Music, Compact Media, Jingle Punks and 5 Alarm Music. As part of the rebrand, Anthem has released their new company logo and website at:

“As the company heads into its 15th year, we are celebrating the building of our successful independent global content creation and entertainment services platform. It is also important to stop and reassess our mission, values and our name,” said Helen Murphy , CEO, Anthem Entertainment. “Looking forward, I want the name of our company to more easily identify with who we are and what we do. We have grown from a small music publishing company to a large independent producer of content and entertainment services platform. Along the way, we have expanded and now have deep roots in music, film, and television.”

Anthem Records has forty-two years of history, producing innovative and outstanding talent and that tradition continues today. As part of the acquisition of the Rush masters and publishing in 2015, the company acquired The Anthem Entertainment Group, comprised of the iconic Canadian record label Anthem Records, which was founded by renowned artist manager Ray Danniels in 1977, and Anthem Film & Television Productions. Anthem Entertainment is home to the legendary band Rush, Big Wreck, Max Webster, Kim Mitchell, and many more great musicians and singers. Ray Danniels , CEO of SRO Management Group, founder of the original Anthem Records and manager of musical acts including Van Halen, Rush and Extreme commented: “It’s an honour to witness this rebranding. When I started out, I never envisioned that 42 years later, the name would become a platform for such a large international company. When we went through the acquisition process, we had a preference to keep the catalogues with a Canadian company, so this makes it even more satisfying. I wish Anthem Entertainment and Helen Murphy the continued success they deserve in the future.”

Working with teams across various segments of their business, Anthem Entertainment is proud to create this new Anthem: one for the talented creators, the hard work it takes to make great music and entertainment, and the endless possibilities of their next chapter. As Anthem Entertainment connects with new audiences and explore new opportunities, their philosophy is clear: ‘This is an anthem for the creators. This is an anthem for the hard work. This is an anthem for the possibilities. This is our anthem. Let’s hear yours.’ With a bold voice, it speaks to the core values: the shared joy, boundless inspiration and deep connection of great music and entertainment.

Anthem Entertainment is one of the world’s leading independent music and entertainment content and services companies. It is comprised of a music publishing division, recorded music label, production music division, and a leading film and television audio-visual secondary rights (AVSR) management company. Anthem Entertainment operates offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Nashville and Toronto with a team of approximately 200 dedicated industry professionals. We support artists, create content, and provide entertainment services around the world. As technology and entertainment evolve, we work hard to create and maximize opportunities for our talent and our clients. Our difference: an approach that combines the resources, power and reach of a major with the agility, entrepreneurism and soul ofan indie.

For more information or press requests, please contact:

Tye Worobess, Manager, Communications, Anthem Entertainment | 647-202-6283