Management Team


Robert Ott
Group Chairman and CEO


Susan Murphy
Finance Director


Jane Hyndman
General Counsel


Mark Rowland
VP & General Manager


Louise Pettingale
Financial Controller


Cate Hemmings
Head of Commercial Affairs


Andy Harwood
VP, Business Development


James Houston-Bond
Head of Business Operations


Your Dedicated Team

Ben Waller
Head of Client Services

Paula Lee 
Senior Account Manager (UK)

Elissa Johnson
Senior Account Manager (US)

Kaitlin Argeaux
Senior Account Manager (UK)

Dylan Beyleveld (UK)
Account Manager

Natalie Thompson (UK)
Account Manager

Jenna Auwarter (US)
Account Manager




Andy Buckingham
Head of Royalties

Ben Arnold
Royalties Analyst & Co-ordinator

Nick Wells
Royalty Administrator

Fabio Ferretti
Financial Accountant

Tracey Meddeman
PA / Office Manager


Lea Chatto
Head of Revenue Assurance

Jack Smith
Societies Manager

Phoebe Dale
Competing Claims Manager

Alice Hunter
Rights Executive

Caroline Hart
Rights Executive


“Shaftesbury values our business relationship with Compact Media very much. They have been a top notch service provider for us and their services have always been rendered in a professional, timely and transparent manner. And even better, they generate revenues for us!”
— Scott Garvie, Senior Vice President - Shaftesbury Films