For over 24 years, Compact has been at the forefront of the management of film and television Audio Visual Secondary Rights (AVSR) with over 850 film & television clients.

Compact is the largest independent administrator of AVSR royalties. We maintain this standard by constantly reviewing our processes, investing in staff and technologies as well as developing new services around our core business which is why we remain unparalleled.

Compact is committed to delivering the very best service to our clients and to continuous improvement.  Whether working with collectives to ensure these rights are protected or working with other rights holders to develop new markets Compact’s first priority is always to ensure rights owners are always at the forefront of our business.

No other service provider can offer our combined scope of services:

  • Tried and tested in-house bespoke technologies – Merlin (an inquiry tool), Felix (our registrations tool) and our latest, MRIT (our broadcast data and music usage system)

  • A dedicated Conflicts team of paralegals – clearing rights blockages in a timely manner releasing funds

  • A dedicated Revenue Assurance and Analytics team – ensuring reported funds are correct and maximising royalty collections

  • You have a powerful seat at the table with our combined market share and board positions at key collections societies

  • Distributions paid in your reporting currency, reducing the impact of foreign exchange conversions

  • Visibility of collections pipeline on demand, enabling real-time analysis between payment cycles

  • Timely, accurate and transparent reporting via our online client portal

  • Established and visionary management led by CEO, Helen Murphy and Mark Rowland (MD)

Our Services

Compact combines its world leadership in AVSR with a comprehensive suite of services that complement our core business from music publishing, production music libraries, analytics, data matching and tracking tools alongside dedicated conflicts and revenue assurance teams. This combination delivers to our clients an unparalleled, unique, highly automated and efficient service.

With Compact you have the perfect partner for all your rights management needs


#1 Independent World leader in AV Secondary Rights by market share

500,000+ Works Represented for AVSR

100,000 Assets managed on YouTube with over 12 billion views to date

200 professionalS in key time zones: North America, UK, Europe, Australia

100+ Collection sources worldwide

#1 Unmatched scope of services with the industry's most comprehensive software at the heart of all we do

“The team at Compact Media has unmatched knowledge of the market and a fresh and flexible approach to pursuing new revenue streams and disrupting the established business model. They offer an excellent, personal service – in particular they are very good at ensuring that we receive regular updates and we are wholly confident in their continuing ability to collect all monies due.”
— Jim Mew, Director Music & Royalties Family & Brands (Entertainment One UK)